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Pokédex, Map, Radar and Guide for Pokémon Go

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Pokédex, Map, Radar and For Pokémon GO
Over 1,000,000 downloads worldwide!

Pokédex, Map, Radar and For Pokémon GO is an app I decided to make in my spare time because I like Pokémon and I like making apps. It is completely free and I have no plans to add any in-apps or any of that rubbish, I just wanted there to be a simple and sleek Pokédex app for people to use. It's currently in an early stage and I plan to add much more!Within the app you can star to load the game.

Pokédex, Map, Radar and For Pokémon GO is the most accurate assistant app for seeing the location of Pokemon in your area. Each Pokemon includes a despawn timer, a rating on how likely you are to find it there, and more. Pokemon locations are determined by our predictive algorithms that are based on verified, crowd sourced data from our users. We do not leverage or access the Pokemon GO servers.

Poke Radar also features chat and forums so you can talk to all the trainers in your area for free!

Using Pokédex, Map, Radar and For Pokémon GO is extremely simple. You can view all of the nearby Pokemon in your area that have been discovered by your self and other players on the map, along with the times of day they were found.

If you're trying to find a specific Pokemon's location, you can quickly use the "Filter" feature to find the nearest one.

Since Poke Radar for Pokemon GO is driven by it's community, it's possible that there may not yet be Pokemon locations in your area when you first download the app. If this is the case, you can go out and mark the locations of Pokemon you've found to help other players in your area. When others view the location of the Pokemon locations you've marked, your trainer name will also be associated to aid your local trainer reputation. Everyone's gotta catch'em all - so why not work together?

All Pokemon location submissions have the ability to be "Upvoted" or "Downvoted" by others. If a submission receives too many "Downvotes" it will be automatically removed from the map. Highly "Upvoted" locations will receive display priority on the map.

As for some tips and tricks Pokemon Go that we can from several sources and the rest of the experience gained during play Go we expect the Pokemon-Go like of the game Pokemon Go can be assisted in completing each mission.
Hope that is helpful

* Main function :
- View all information of all Pokémon in PokemonGo
- Search by name, number or type of the Pokémon
- Compare 2 Pokemon ( max CP, max HP,...)
- Realtime Map for Pokemon Catcher
- Pokemon Go Guidline, Q&A,...