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Using our Locowifi APP you can control your HO locomotives with your smart phone. This gives you the ability to control your locomotive anywhere. Locowifi turns on the locomotive, its lights and special lighting functions.
The Locowifi PC board combines the Wifi module and NMRA standard connector mounted in your engine. The board comes equipped with a 21 pin connector and is currently available in HO. Other scales are in the design and planning process.
Locowifi is easy to use. Simply set your train controller at over 8V and Locowifi will automatically connect to your smart phone. The APP will display the locomotive and allow you to start it with your smart phone!
* Locowifi only controls, start-stop. Speed and direction are controlled by your layout controller.
* Locowifi has a built in 1-2 second delay. This allows for a more realistic operation and protects the locomotive from damage.
* Locowifi can be used by one smart phone at a time.
APP Set up:
User name: loco-ap
Password: 12349876