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Dump Trump – Make Messaging Great Again!

iPhone / iPad
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Dump Trump – Make Messaging Great Again! Dump Trump is a Sticker Pack Extension for iMessage. It provides 28 exclusive stickers with faces and expressions of Donald Trump. Show your support by using Trump Stickers wherever possible and whenever appropriate. You can use Trump Stickers to express your feelings and emotions in a variety of ways. The stickers include: • Angry - Angry Donald Trump is great to show off your attitude after you have been attacked by a Democrat or after you have seen Hillary Clinton on TV once again. • Proud - Use Proud Donald Trump to show off how you feel about your fatherland. Or use it after you have won an argument with your friend and feel like no one can ever approach you again. • Smiling - Faking a bright smile has never hurt anyone! Use Smiling Donald Trump to make your friends feel like you laughed about their joke, even if you really did not. • Sad - Donald Trump is never sad, but maybe you are. So just for you, we have included a sad face of Donald Trump. • U.S. Flag - The U.S. flag is the greatest flag in the universe, right? After all, the U.S. is the only country that has potential not to be reigned by complete retards. Make America great again! • Fresh - Show off your youthfulness with a picture of your fresh hairstyle. • On Drugs - Combines all of the previous emotions. Maybe Donald Trumps default state. • And many more. Have wishes for future updates? Tell us by writing an email: Remember: Donald Trump is always right. So get this sticker pack, right now, and never ever stop using it. Make Messaging great again! –––––––––––– Disclaimer: This application is not in any way associated with Donald Trump or his official election campaign. This application does not occupy a political position nor does it make explicit political statements. Feel free to delete this app if you feel disrespected through its usage.