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Magic Genius - Joy Unlimited version

iPhone / iPad
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"Genius Magic" is a kind of leisure puzzle game from Korea, the Korean kakao game on the list has been popular, is the world's most popular 2016 to remove the hand travel masterpiece. Lovely burst Meng screen, micro refreshing fingertips, wonderful level design, Meng Q lovely small animals develop constantly give you bring the ultimate experience and eliminate charm, the absolute is a leisure and entertainment, to pass the time of fine game.
Genius Magic, take you to swim with the world of the spirit of happiness!!!!
We love playing diminshing music, because it can bring you to enjoy the elimination of fun. We love to eliminate, because we love the girl. Eliminate music 20162016 the most fun of the elimination of the game, must not be missed.
If you are Meng sister, you have to play this Genius Magic, eliminate and collect cute cute adorable pet game. If you are a boy, then you also have to play this Genius Magic, in front of your favorite Meng sister is very powerful is not more important?
Magic Genius, fun pets, good-looking girl, funny than the second, what are you waiting for?
Diminshing music, every day we play, we play the same love, that is not the same as the elimination of.
Game features:
Collection of cute little wizard Q
From the seductive domineering spend thousands of bone to the lovely AngleBaby, from sell Meng spoiled trigonelline to seven adorable, lifelike Q cute cartoon elf image, all without exception reflects the game's excellent quality, happy eliminate music non-stop.
Simple micro fingertip
Touch screen, micro slip animals, you can feel the magnificent effects and attractive, original elimination is not just, or so graceful.
Voice voice
Magic Genius, adorable cartoon style state unique, with full voice dubbing, wonderful fun arise spontaneously.
"Without networking can also enjoy the fun fingertips at any time!
Game of various elements will allow you to enjoy the extraordinary visual feast! "
Happy to eliminate music, on the Genius~ Magic
Is your daily leisure and entertainment, the best friend of the rare child entertainment. Make sure your fingers, all in one joy! Magic Genius, let you put it down!
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