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Sleep Songs for Kids - Calming Baby Lullaby Collection with Relaxing Sounds & White Noise

iPhone / iPad
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If your child will not sleep and it's time for bed, it's not a problem anymore! Here's a brand new free app for your phone or tablet which will save you from rocking a baby and singing lullaby songs every night. Sleep Songs for Kids are here to help you put your kid in bed in just a few minutes! This app contains a set of lullabies for kids and soothing music to sleep to which will provide your child with long hours of sweet dreams. It is easier to fall asleep with relaxing sounds and white noise in the background, and lullaby music for babies is now available for free. When the bedtime comes, and you put your sweet little kid in the crib, turn on this kids music box, and enjoy watching how your child closes its eyes and travels to dreamland. Free nursery rhymes for your babies, toddlers and preschoolers!

* Soothing music for kids to sleep to!
* Lullabies for babies, toddlers and preschoolers!
* It's a free app with songs for kids and nursery rhymes!
* Play it throughout night or set a timer at five, fifteen or thirty minutes, or one, two or three hours!
* Perfect sleeping aid for parents tired of singing lullabies to kids!
* Finest kids songs lyrics followed by cute wallpapers!

Newborns and little kids need a lot of sleep during the day, and there's no better way to put them to sleep than playing relaxing music of the lullaby songs for kids. Soothing melodies of baby sleep songs relieve baby's nervous system, cause sleepiness and lull the kids into a dream in no time! Try downloading this free app with lullabies for your phone and playing sleep music for children, and you will be more than satisfied! Baby lullabies will help your kid fall asleep in a few minutes, and provide it with long and sweet dreams! You will in return get a calm period to soothe yourself, doing what you like, or having a nap. And when bedtime comes, wish your newborn kid sweet dreams, play Sleep Songs for Kids and relax! Both your baby and you will sleep like angels all night long thanks to the lullaby songs! Get this baby songs to sleep app for free and you won't regret it!


Lullabies in this collection of songs for kids contain finest lyrics for children and nursery rhymes which are appropriate for children of all ages. Music for babies to sleep to does magic when your kid will not sleep. Toddlers are full of energy and always employed in exploring the world around them. Nursery rhymes in Sleep Songs for Kids will catch their attention, and relaxing melody will make them doze off in an instant, giving your child a long and peaceful nap. Preschool children, and even toddlers, love listening to and singing the lyrics of the nursery rhymes, since nursery rhymes are stories sung in a rhyming form, which makes them beneficial for your child's education, as well. Give your toddler or preschooler the opportunity to learn some new lullaby lyrics and have sweet dreams at bedtime accompanied with these lullaby songs!


If you are a parent who has run out of ideas of how to put a baby to sleep, wait no more! Lullaby songs are here for you, play them to your baby or toddler over and over again, and make bedtime pleasant and relaxing. Songs for babies and toddlers in the form of lullabies and nursery rhymes are beneficial for your dream, as well. Let relaxing melodies lull you into a dream with no effort, and you will wake up relaxed and ready for new adventures! Play lullaby songs during the night or an afternoon nap, and see the miracle for yourself! Download Sleep Songs for Kids this moment, and let your baby and you enjoy with the soothing sounds of lullaby songs!