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Bilingual Preschool - FindIt!

iPhone / iPad
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"Find it!" is a fun way for younger kids/toddlers to learn and practice their shapes, colors, fruits, letters and numbers in both English and, optionally, Spanish.

There are no lengthy start up screens, complicated buttons to figure out or instructions that have to be read, so your kids can use "Find it!" by themselves and start practicing. "Find it!" starts right away and asks your young explorer to find a specific shape, fruit, vowel, consonant or number painted over moving objects in six different games. As your toddler finds the answer, "Find It!" will reinforce learning by repeating the count and name of the object as well as displaying the word on the screen; "Find It!" will then formulate new questions that will introduce new objects/words as the levels progress. When the wrong object is selected, "Find It!" will also pronounce the word so that your little explorer can learn other words that way (this can be disabled from the settings panel)

When both Spanish and English are enabled, the questions will be spoken and written sometimes in English and sometimes in Spanish which is specially useful if you want to introduce your kids to a new language gradually. If you prefer to use just one language you can disable the other one in the settings panel.

Once all levels are completed, "Find it!" will restart the questions so your kid can keep practicing.

As your toddler gets more familiar with the application, you can also control the duration of the levels from the settings panel so you can either have him/her play similar levels and answering similar questions for longer periods of time or you can have him/her advance faster to higher levels.

"Find It!" can be played in two modes: by "Allowing Game Selection" in which case your toddler is in control and he/she gets to select which game to play next or "Progressive" in which games will be picked automatically.

Everything is configurable! If you like the progressive game play better, if you want to turn off Spanish or English, if you don't like the "word-on-touch" feature or even if you want to disable the "Hint" section, everything can be configured from the settings panel.

I hope you and your kids enjoy this update! As usual, please send me any feedback to, we look forward to it!