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Power Passwords

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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Create 20 strong passwords for each Key. Store descriptions for passwords. Control password length, and the passwords change too. Copy passwords with one-touch.

Do you keep track of the many passwords you need in your life by writing them on little slips of paper? Do you use the same 2 or 3 passwords when you know you shouldn't?

You have important passwords for your online bank account, your company's laptop containing sensitive information, your social networks and online stores. With Power Passwords, you can have as many unique passwords as you need, and they can be with you wherever you take your iPhone or iPod touch.

Power Passwords creates 20 unique, strong passwords for each Key and password length. Unlike programs that randomly create passwords and then forget them, Power Passwords will recreate the same passwords, given the same Key and password length. You don't have the security risk of writing your passwords anywhere. Power Passwords doesn't save passwords, only authentication information for your saved keys, along with descriptions. Version 2 adds features requested by users.

A Key, like a master password can be a word or phrase containing letters, numbers and punctuation. Use the slider to set the length of passwords. Power Passwords generates the unique passwords. Change the slider length or Key, and new passwords are generated.

Choose a Key, and enter descriptions for the passwords you will use. Enter "online bank account" for the first password or "iTunes Store" for the fourth password, and press the Save button. Close Power Passwords, and the fields are erased. When you come back to Power Passwords, enter the same Key and slider length; the same passwords will be recreated, and descriptions will be restored from memory.

Before purchase, you can download a free copy of the complete manual for Power Passwords in PDF from To see how it works, search for "Power Passwords" on

Application advantages:
- You don't use the same 2 or 3 passwords over and over
- Your passwords aren't scrawled on slips of paper
- Generated passwords aren't lost minutes later

Application features:

- Touch a password, and it is copied to the clipboard in one step for use in other applications
- 20 unique passwords generated for each Key and length using the Alternate Passwords switch
- Recreate the passwords by entering the same Key and length
- Enter a description for each password used
- Passwords are never stored, only authentication information for saved keys, and associated descriptions
- No one can use a set of known passwords to figure out your Key