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Right Angles

iPhone / iPad
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Right Angles Application
At last, a professional Right Angle application designed for the iPhone and iPod touch. Touch an area of the screen to enter your sides or angle into the triangle.
Right Angles has a unique way of entering your sides into the triangle. Before using Right Angles for the first time, open your "Settings" application, click on the "Right Angles" tab, and set the default fraction denomenator to 16ths or 32nds, this is only required once, before using the application for the first time. Type in the dimension of the first side and it will appear in the display at the upper left corner of the screen. Then touch one of the "zero dimensions" located at the rise, base, or slope field of the triangle to enter the side in the triangle. The dimension you entered will appear for that side you just touched. The display in the upper corner will clear and be ready for the input of the second side. Enter the second side the same way, touch one of the other remaining "zero dimensions" of the rise, base, or slope fields and the remaining data of the triangle will appear. To enter an angle and a side the angle must be entered first. Unhide the decimal display by touching the center of the screen showing in the upper right corner of the screen just to the left of the feet and inch display. The decimal display and the feet and inch display can be toggled back and forth by touching the center of the area of the screen where the display will show. Enter the angle (in decimal form), then touch the blue zeros in the "ANGLE" field at the lower right corner of the screen. The angle value will be transfered to that location and the feet and inch display will show and be ready for a dimension to be entered. After entering one side of the triangle, the remaining data of the triangle will be calculated and displayed.
Enter any 2 sides, or an angle and a side, and it displays all the remaining data for the triangle.
Then, continue entering any 1 new side and the other 2 corresponding sides will update based on the slope you have set up with the first set of dimensions.
Press the "New" button for a new triangle, and proceed as above once again to get the resulting information of a new slope.
Never before has there been an easier way to calculate the sides, angle, area, tangent or pitch of a triangle than the Right Angle Application.
Using the feet, inch, and fraction input technology developed for our successful "FIS Calculator", the dimension of any side of a triangle can be entered in feet, inches and fractions with as few as 3 or 4 key strokes.
Version 1.0.0 accepts feet, inches and fractions to input the sides of the triangle, and the angle must be entered in decimal form. Future updates will include, the ability to switch between metric, decimal, and feet and inches, for the sides, and the ability to enter the angle in degrees, minutes and seconds, or as a tangent, or as a pitch.
Watch the video demo on our website for a full demonstration of how the application works.