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The Gavel

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Entertainment
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"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."
-West African Proverb

Having trouble keeping order in your meetings? Not receiving the proper level of respect from those around you? Then buy this app! Badger your peers into submission with the constant banging of a judge's gavel or several other thumping items. There's even a mode for thumping with a leather shoe. And if thumping a virtual shoe at someone doesn't get one's attention, you can always try a real shoe, but this app doesn't include a real shoe. You'll need to supply that yourself.

What this app does include are thirteen virtual items with realistic movement and sound effects: a gavel (in two different styles), a wooden mallet, a carpenter's hammer, a sledgehammer, a dead fish and more! The attention each item demands will vary depending on the anger in your swing.

Random events will occur for different objects. Some random events are much less frequent than others. Experiment to see which ones you can discover!

Please don't panic if something unexpected happens when you are banging away. None of the "damage" is permanent.

A video demonstration is available on The Gavel website link below.

For added fun, start playing some music on your iPhone or iPod and then launch this app. You can then add improvisational percussion to your favorite tunes. "That song doesn't need more cowbell, it needs more gavel!!!"

Thirteen attention-getting objects:
1) The Gavel
2) The Judge
3) The Mallet
4) The Shoe
5) The Hammer
6) The Wet Fish
7) The Maul
8) The Flashlight
9) The Sledge
10) The Bottle
11) The Million Dollar Spatula
12) The Knobkierrie
13) The Crescent Wrench

More objects will be added in the future!

Usage Instructions:
- Tap the screen to toggle the page controls.
- While page controls are visible, swipe left or right to turn page.
- Shake phone with LEFT edge of screen down.
- You can also drag your finger on the screen to swing the object.
- When the object on the screen hits the left edge, the sound effect will play.

NOTE: The Gavel shares the volume settings with your device's ringer and alerts. If you do not hear any sound, check your Settings app an choose "Sound" and verify the Ringer and Alerts volume is adjusted high enough. Also, verify the device's MUTE switch is not enabled.