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All Your Base Are Belong To Us!

If you are a fan of All Your Base than you want to have the ALL YOUR BASE! app on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

This is the original All Your Base! app. The first to bring you all the Authentic AYBABTU sounds & graphics. 100% true to the original.

The "All Your Base" craze has been featured in Time Magazine, USA Today, Fox News, The Los Angeles Times, Tech TV, Wired, and many others.

All your base comes from the opening scene to the European Sega Mega Drive version of Zero Wing. It was translated poorly in English in a rush attempt to get the game out to an American audience.

** Features **

- Play ALL your favorite catch phrases from AYB!

- Watch the original AYB movie*!

(movie is embedded so No internet connection is required for viewing!)

- Game Transcript.

- Japanese Translation of the Transcript.

- Slick interface.


- You can listen to the entire version of "Invasion of the Gabber Robots!*

Just select your sound from the picker and then click on the radiation triangle to trigger your sound.

Click on "Play Video" to watch the original AYBABTU movie.

The game transcript in English & Japanese is located on the info screen.

If you know someone who has never heard of AYB, do them a favor an show it to them. They will love you for it!

** Credits **

Original AYBABTU Flash Animation
by: Bad_CRC

"Invasion of the Gabber Robots"
by: The Laziest Men On Mars

Zero Wing for Sega MegaDrive
Music by: Tatsuya Uemura

. . . All Your Phone Are Belong To Us!

* Side note: In order to adhere to Apple's strict content guidelines a few shots in the movie had to be blurred out. All the rest of the content is original.