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iKingsCup is a popular social gathering game brought to users of iPhones or iPod Touches. Cards are spread out around a center cup and players take turns pulling a card from the circle. Each card is associated with a fun (or sometimes not so fun) rule to complete. The player who draws the fourth King is supposed to drink the King's Cup, no matter how delightful or disgusting it may be. It is a popular game in the college community and having it on a mobile device brings the convenience of playing virtually anywhere.

iKingsCup has smooth transitions and great playability. It is also the first game of King's Cup on the iPhone that allows for complete customization of game rules. Many people who play this game in real life often argue about what the "hometown" rules are. iKingsCup allows the users to personally set each rule either from an existing set of built in rules, or new rules can be typed in. What's even better is that the iPhone or iPod saves the last custom rule set on the device, so that owners of this game must only set their custom rules once if they wish.

Speaking of saving things, iKingsCup saves the current game state after each card is drawn, or after the circle is rotated. If a phone call is received while playing, or if players wish to put a game on hold, the game will return to the latest game state when re-opened.

For 4 built in rules ("Busta Rhyme", "Categories", "Make a Rule", and "Never Have I Ever"), iKingsCup offers a set of suggestions that can be utilized and come up in random orders. Many times, players have a difficult time thinking of how to get started on a rule. iKingsCup is there to help!

iKingsCup is great for making social situations easy and enjoyable. The game allows for customization on all levels, including inserting up to 8 player names. The game will make sure you never need to ask whose turn it is again. Players may even customize what the table looks like in the background. So grab a drink, join a circle of friends (or strangers), and pray you don't pull the fourth King!