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Trap a Thief : Credit Cards Trap

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
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Credit Cards Trap can track down your iPhone if it is stolen. If stolen and the thief tries to go through your device, he will find this icon saying CREDIT CARDS staring at him. If he means evil (most of them are after your identity and credit cards), he will surely click on the icon to check it out. Once in, he will see a list of authentic looking credit card details scrolling on his screen. He does not know that in the background, Credit Cards Trap is detecting the exact device location and mailing you the details. Soon you will get an email with the location details of the device. Just click on the direct Google maps link to zoom into the location where the thief is using it.

As the account details scroll (to keep him busy as the app tries to get more accurate location), you get a first estimate location by email and then more and more accurate emails. After we are done, the thief will see a "Database sync error: Try after 30 minutes" message. If the thief falls for it, he will try again after 30 minutes !

EMAIL SERVER: This app uses a very reliable external server. And mails are sent out immediately. No server settings are required.

The setup is simple. Just fill in the email address where the notifications need to be send and any password (for later access of the location data). Initially the app is in Owner Mode. After setup, go to the iPhone / iPod touch Settings (the global Settings from the device home page) and scroll to the Credit Cards app's settings and set Owner Mode to OFF. And there you go, the Credit Cards Trap is all set to track your stolen device.

1) IMMEDIATE FIRST EMAIL: The sends the first mail right away so that you have a fair idea (just in case, the thief stops the app soon). Please do not submit a negative review based on that. As the app stays on, it tracks more accurately and sends you emails with more exact location. Detection may vary with places but does the best.

2) ASKING FOR LOCATION PERMISSION: PLEASE read the instructions on the app during setup. It mentions clearly how you need to get in and out of the app twice to get rid of the default iPhone behavior where it asks for permission. If you follow the instructions, it will not ask for permission again. It is unfortunate that a few reviewer were impatient and did not follow what the app asks you to follow.

This app uses the same technology as the other popular apps in the series "Password Trap" and "Power Off Trap". So it is bug free and is extremely reliable.

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