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Jot LookUp

iPhone / iPad
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Jot Lookup

What is it?

Jot + LookUp

Jot - 'touch to text' user input method. Using you finger you draw characters on the screen which are recognized as characters. This action we call "Jotting". The touch input is sent to Handheld Speech's touch recognition engine which determines what character was drawn. The jotted input is used to build commands. The commands are auto completed to minimize the required letters specified by the user to build a command.

LookUp - Enables direct access to user content within native iPhone application. Lookup uses a set of commands to start up the Phone, Safari, Maps, Mail, and SMS applications. The users contacts and bookmark information is used to direct the application to perform some task.

With Jot Lookup the user spells out "browse yahoo" and it launches Safari and opens the yahoo home page. In this case the user only needs to input "b" then "y" and the auto completion logic completes the command. Or 'c'all 'h'ome 'John A'ppleseed to open Phone and make a call to John's home phone number.

Users create new bookmarks for both URLs and Maps locations.

The 'Jot' feature is also supported in 'Voice LookUp'. Voice LookUp performs all the same lookup features as Jot Lookup but also supports voice control. Voice access is much easier and quicker over every other touch input method. Our voice control is trainable so that it can be very accurate for your speech.

Currently JotLookUp is free, but that may change.

"Play with JotLookUp... after you have gotten use to it -- and like it -- buy Voice LookUp. You will like it too.

Handheld Speech's touch recognition engine uses a dictionary of touch data to identify user input such as letters and numbers. The dictionary could hold other types of inputs like gaming operations. The recognizer also supports a user profile which enables the user to train a touch to character mapping. If the user draws a character in a very different manner then the defaults and the recognizer does not correctly identify the character the user can select the correct character in the picker and hit the 'train' button.

Thank you for trying Jot LookUp.