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iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
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eyeSwarm displays moving sprites that collectively mimic the behaviour of a swarm of insects. The result is a pleasing piece of eye candy that never ceases to attract and fascinate.

This full version of eyeSwarm provides slider controls to change the number of sprites and the speed at which the sprites move. The colour and sparkle of the individual sprites is controllable with a third slider.

The sliders are semi-transparent, allowing you to immediately see their effects on the sprites.

Tap the screen to toggle the appearance of the sliders.

Drag your finger on the screen and watch the sprites chase your finger.

If you stare at the sprites long enough you may convince yourself that they are synchronized to whatever music you are listening to.

Beginning with version 1.3 sounds are produced to match the activities of the sprites. Note that these sounds will only be heard if iPod music is not playing when eyeSwarm is started. A volume slider control appears for most devices when they are not docked; one known exception is iPod touch 1G which is incapable of distinguishing being docked and therefore does not present a volume slider control. Subject to startup conditions - see above - pressing the top left speaker icon toggles the production of sound on and off.