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Japanese OMiKuJi

iPhone / iPad
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OMIKUJI is the slip to divine a fortune at the shrine and the Buddhist temple in Japan.
It receives a slip with the number which was written down to one broth, the stick from the hole with the small short side of the box in the stick, brandishing the box which a thin stick was included in.
It is written with the outline of the fortune and the fortune word of "Excellent LUCK, Middle LUCK, Small LUCK, LUCK, UNLUCKY, FATALITY"
and so on at the slip and the individual fortune of "the urge", "The person who wants to meet", "The lost one", "the travel", "the business",
"the learning", "the trade", "the conflict thing", "the love", "the removal", "the pigging", "the sickness", "the marriage proposal" is written down.
Also, a summation song, too, is attached to the explanation of the fortune.
There is habitude which links the OMIKUJI after reading with the branch of the tree and so on and burns it.
This application (OMiKuJi) is the one which was always made to be able to take OMIKUJI casually even if it doesn't go to the shrine and the Buddhist temple.

How to take a OMIKUJI :

You must be take a OMIKUJI, Because you doesn't have OMIKUJI at first.
The OMIKUJI can have only one sheet at once.

(1) Tap [Take a OMiKuJi.] button on the First Screen.
When you have the OMIKUJI, it can't tap.
please tap [Links OMiKuJi with the tree.] or [Burns OMiKuJi.] button.
(2) With the Screen of OMIGOKORO box, It shakes on either side and It mixes in a Stick.
(3) Turns down the Screen of the OMIGOKORO box.
The Stick appears with the effect sound by 1 - 2 seconds.
(4) tap the Screen of the OMIGOKORO box, ToolBar is displayed under the screen.
[Look] button becoming enabled if it is being possible to take the OMIKUJI.