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The motives of the DripDrip application are simple - to bug your friends!

The operation of DripDrip is also simple - turn it on to get a simulated water dripping sound until motion is detected at which point the application goes into stealth mode.

When the application detects the vibration of someone walking into the room it will go into stealth mode and will stay silent for a period you set. This leaves the person who walked into the room utterly confused and non the wiser as to where the dripping sound was coming from. After a period, the application will then start up the dripping sound again... repeat.

You can control the following settings:
- Drip Frequency: sets the time between drips
- Stealth Mode Duration: sets the length of time the app stays in stealth mode after motion is detected
- Sensitivity: controls how sensitive the app is to vibration
- Stealth Mode Switch: manually control stealth mode
- Active: used to start the dripping

A vibration scope is also shown to help you tune the app for motion detection.

Place your iPhone/iPod somewhere that it can detect footstep vibrations. Often just sitting on a table is enough to detect someone walking by, particularly with timber floors. Concrete floors can be harder to detect motion from a table.