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Accelerometer Data

iPhone / iPad
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!! Gives you direct access to the iPhone accelerometer data!

The Accelerometer Data application gives you direct access to the iPhone accelerometer data. The data can be streamed to your computer using UDP, or the accelerometer data can be captured, and transferred off the iPhone as a CSV (comma-separated) data file over WiFi.

*** Note: There is also the Accelerometer Data Pro version of this app available in the App Store.

Difference between Accelerometer Data and the Pro version:
1. The base Accelerometer Data application collects the data in memory which creates a limit for the number of samples that can be collected. The collected data is not available when the application is restarted.
2. The Pro version stores the collected data on the Flash file system on the device, allowing a very large amount of data to be collected, up to the free space limit of the device. This data file is available via a web browser when the application is restarted. Multiple data files may be stored.

There are three primary uses for this application:
1. You wish to use the 3D accelerometers in the iPhone for data collection. This is finding use in acceleration-oriented experiments in science classes, for science fair projects, collecting shock/acceleration data when moving sensitive instrumentation and other uses related to acceleration data collection. You can define the rate of sampling, and number of samples to collect, and download the data as a CSV file (via a built-in web server).

2. You wish to use the 3D accelerometers for data collection, but you wish to collect the data continuously and in real-time. The Streaming Mode will continually send the acceleration data to your application via a UDP port, for collection by your server-side application.

3. You are an iPhone developer and are using the simulator. This application will allow you to stream the device acclerometer data into your application when run under the simulator.

--> Features:

- Complete, unfiltered access to the X, Y, Z accelerometer data.

- Streaming (UDP) data: unicast or broadcast, configurable port.

- Batch mode collection:
o Configurable sampling rate
o Configurable number of samples
o Built-in web server to allow data to be downloaded as a CSV file.

- Configurable data filtering (None, Low Pass, High Pass)
- Low Pass Filter - Allows you to focus on device orientation while smoothing out instantaneous motions.
- High Pass Filter - Allows you to focus on instantaneous motions, while reducing effects of orientation.

--> Example Experimental Projects:

Following are some example experiemental uses that are appropriate for a science fair project or a physics lab project.

Note: Obviously be careful in using your iPhone/iTouch as an acceleration data collection device for experiments. Do not subject it to impact or unusual / significant forces.

1. Use the iPhone/iTouch as the bob of a pendulum, collecting the acceleration data from the pendulum.
2. Use the iPhone/iTouch on a “sled” down a ramp, collecting the acceleration data from the pendulum.
3. Measure motions of elevagtors, roller coasters, sky diving, ...
4. Compute angular orientation of device

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