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HeadsUp Poker Trainer

iPhone / iPad
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This game will teach you how to play a perfect equilibrium strategy for headsup poker.

* Challenge yourself with the HeadsUp Quiz with four levels of difficulty
* Filter games for to train for specific cards
* Review your history and replay any hand over your past 500 quizzes
* Explore the Equilibrium table browser and see what hands you shove or call at each blind

The suggested ranges for pushing all-in or calling all-in are determined using Nash Equilibrium. The equilbrium is the perfect point for pushing and calling ranges where neither you nor your opponent can have an advantage over the other. The equilibrium does not take advantage of your opponents weaknesses or tendancies, but it does prevent them from taking advantage of you. In a real game, your knowledge of the equilibrium is a starting point from where you must adjust depending on the tendncies of your opponents.

When you start the quiz, you will be presented with a series of fictional table situations where you must make a decision for all of your chips. If you have the Button and are first to act, your choices are to go all-in or to fold. If you are the Big-Blind then your opponent will always go all-in first and your choices are to call or to fold. As you answer questions, the game will count your correct answers and compute your % correct. Each hand will be saved into your History and can be reviewed at a later time.

The History mode will display the last 500 quizzes that you took and the result of your answer. The hands are arranged with the most recent hands at the top of the list. You can select any hand from the history and the replayer will display the results of the hand and your results. The history will be saved between runs of the game.

Use the options to select the difficulty or to filter the cards that you want to see. The 'Any' difficulty setting will present random questions. Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulties will give you quiz questions where the correct naswer is near the actual correct answer.

Quickly browse the equilibrium push and call tables. The tables show the threshold of chips that are needed to push or call in a given situation. If a player has fewer chips than what is displayed in the push table, then the player should go all-in instead of folding. You can adjust the current big-blind level by clicking the arrow-keys located in the upper-right corner. This will automatically adjust the tables in the display. Use the toolbar buttons at the bottom to select unsuisted vs. suited cards or to switch between pushing or calling, based on the position of the button.