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Recently released from my Apple II the Twarkle when treated with love and kindness will bring good fortune. Released from the confines of an ancient environment the Twarkle is full of energy. At last aware of gravity and human touch the Twarkle has never been happier.

Offer the Twarkle the warm cozy home of your iPhone or iPod touch and it will offer tricks in return. Touch the screen with a single finger and the Twarkle will show you its amazing ability to change colors. Touch the screen again with a single finger and move it around. The Twarkle is more loyal than a dog and will follow your finger. Remove your finger and release the Twarkle, it will jump from your finger and fall toward the earth, bouncing from the edges of your device.

Double tap the screen, but be careful. The Twarkle will attempt to dazzle and mezmerize you with its fancy new plumage of shifting colors. Double tap again and the Twarkle will put back on its more conservative attire.

If you get excited and shake the Twarkle it might get a little scared for a few seconds. Don't worry, after bracing itself the Twarkle will return to normal.

Expand the boundaries to let the Twarkle play in a bigger area by pressing two fingers at the top of the screen and slowly drag them toward the bottom. Place the Twarkle back in its small space by pressing two fingers at the bottom of the screen and slowly draging up.

Does your Twarkle have too many spikes? Double swipe from right to left by pressing two fingers at the right edge and slowly drag to the left. Return the Twarkle to its full spiky glory by double swiping from left to right.

If it gets too cold give your Twarkle a thicker coat by triple swiping from the top of the screen toward the bottom. Triple swipe form bottom toward top to remove the thick coat.

Let the Twarkle show you another trick by removing some of its spikes and triple swiping horizontally.

Treat your Twarkle with patience and love and it will return in kind.