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Want to keep track of how much people owe you? Need to keep track of what you owe other people? Ever wish you could do that on your iPhone in an intuitive, easy to use interface?

iOwe is an application that provides a simple, streamlined interface for keeping track of who owes what to whom. You can record individual transactions, indicate who owes who, and iOwe will store this data, giving you a total of how much you owe them. A quick summary view is provided so you can see at a glance how much you owe everyone, and how much they owe you. iOwe even integrates with the built-in Address Book, so you don’t have to manually enter in all of your contacts.

Bought your sister lunch? Roommate hasn't paid rent yet? Coworker bought you coffee? Boss picked up the check for lunch? Everyone owes somebody something. Now you can keep track of it all so you won't forget!

* View Statistics: A new view is provided which lets you see various statistics about your transactions with someone, including high and low balances in the past, record-breaking transactions, and more! Access this new view by clicking the blue arrow button next to a person's name.
* Rename a Person: A button has been added to the person details view which allows you to rename a person.
* Correction of minor display issues
* Minor cosmetic enhancements

WHAT'S NEW IN 1.3.2:
* Editing Transactions: You can now edit transactions after they have been created! To edit a transaction, when viewing the list of transactions, simply touch the transaction you want to edit. You will be presented with the same view that you see for adding a transaction so that you can edit the values.
* Edit/Done Button in Transaction List: An Edit/Done button has been added to the Transaction List screen, to allow you to easily delete multiple transactions. As a result, the New Transaction Button has been moved to the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
* Better Handling of Long Values: Long names and large amounts should now display better in the Summary Screen and Transaction List Screen. Previously, the values were truncated at a much shorter length; now you should see much more of the value before the tail is truncated for display.

* Totals: Totals are now displayed in the Summary screen, and in the Transaction List screen. In the Summary screen you will see the total amount you owe, the total amount others owe you, and the total net amount that you owe to everyone. In the Transaction List screen, you will see the total net amount owed to that person.
* Information screen: There is now a button in the toolbar in the Summary screen that will cause the application to flip over and display additional information. Here you can find the version number, copyright info, and a few other buttons that may be of interest.

* A number of enhancements to take advantage of new features in OS 3.0!