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Your Turn

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Lifestyle
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“Your Turn” maintains a history of selections from members of a group. A complete history of the selections is maintained. Some of the features include:

* Maintains a complete history of all selections
* Create any number of groups
* Organize the groups into categories
* Any number of members can be added to the group
* E-Mail transaction history
* Select the next member sequentially or randomly
* Easily select existing members for new groups
* Edit the groups, categories and names using standard iPhone controls
* Override the selection, and allow a member to “pay forward”
* Excuse members from being selected
* See the status of any member
* Add or remove members, groups, and categories
* Costs less than a Grande Latte...

Use “Your Turn” to maintain an even distribution for a specific activity. The activity can be hourly, daily or yearly, with any number of members participating.

* Take out the garbage
* Pay for coffee
* Pay for lunch
* Be the designated driver
* Go on the coffee run
* Set up the sales booth
* Tidy up the house
* Clean up after the guests
* Feed the tiger
* Choose where to dine
* Chair the meeting
* Be the goalie
* Pay for tennis
* Lead the way
* Book the trip
* Pick up the party favours
* Host the dinner club
* Throw the party
* Bring donuts to the meeting
* Pick the movie
* Do the presentation
* Write the report
* Drive for the car pool
* Pick the video
* Mark the papers
* Do the grocery shopping
* Arrange the office party
* Be the lunch monitor
* Make coffee
* Book the tee times