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You will certainly know the feeling – after a long-distance flight you are extremely tired and can't really enjoy the first few days of your holidays or are absent-minded at business meetings.

You can put the blame on jetlag. However, it doesn’t have to be like that!

Medical scientists and veterinaries have developed a natural and highly efficient method to avoid these symptoms: iJetlag.

* Use iJetlag to discover the secrets and tricks of flight attendants and to get advice on nutrition.
* Use iJetlag to experience the soothing sound of a cat purring. Relax while listening to the gentle purring rhythm at a frequency of 20 - 70 Hz. Your listening experience will last approximately 40 minutes – either purring only or purring with tranquil background music.
* Use iJetlag to enjoy the advantages of light therapy (460 nm), during which the sleep hormone, Melatonin, is generated.

Don’t ruin your holidays any longer. Don’t be absent-minded at meetings with your colleagues or customers ...

For the loweest price, iJetlag will really change your life.