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aRelax Sound Sleep Pro Ambient

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Health & Fitness
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Add New download feature !!
Important update!!

Feb/03/2011 update: support download wav, mp3, caf, aif, aiff, amr, m4a audio type.

10/07/2010 updated: iOS 4 tested.add download progress bar, increase interval iOS 3.0 and upper, not support iOS 2.x anymore.
25/02/2010 updated: add sequential sound
pitch changing feature;

aRelax Sound Pro Ambient is a iPhone application which helps you manage the ambient noises those you like to relax, fall asleep and have fun with it. It is easy and fast handle to use.

*** Extra Functions and new feature *****

- download features. You could Download
hundreds of MB various ambient sounds
(frequent update!!).

- can check and review the detail
information of your customized sound.

- can Re-Edit and Re-Build your
customized sounds. Do not need to
make a new customized sound if just
not enjoy one of the noises which
previously made.

- add one more sound track for long
sequential sound.

Extra new ambient sounds:
- sequential long sounds:
small hill wood, shopping mall noises, crickets chirping, soft stream, film projector, church bells ring, evening garden, parrots wood, wind through hole.

- short sounds:
breathing, heartbeat, canary, cats meow, field frog, helicopter fly, old phone ringer,owl, rain bird, bee swarm, wind bell, TV white noise, typing, bushbuck.

We also compose a new customized ambient noise: "Village Garden" to help you fast experience.


other features:
- customize and save favorite of sounds into a list
- made your favorite grouped customized sounds playing.
- customize and play upto 5 discrete short ambiance sounds and 2 sequential sounds at one time.
- set count-down timer to manage playing time.
- manage each sound track volume.

other ambient sounds and noises
-Sequential Sounds:
soft sea wave, soft wind via canyon, stream fall into river, waterfall distant, waterfall mid, frog sing, katydid, diving, camp fire, train, ocean wave surf, rain forest, mountain hurst, rain heavy, rain on roof, rain small, river stream commute, wind blow tent, etc.

-Discrete or Short Sounds:
thunder bolt, wild bird, wild boar, chick, morning crow, moo-cow, dog bark, chimp, churchbell, clock tick, crane, dry thunder, elephant, falcon, frog, horse clop, lark, sea birds, seagull, sheep blat, wolf, bubbles noise, etc.

Many functionalities and features of Pro version have been improved

Take fun and relax!

Requires iPhone OS 2.2 Software and later update

Compatible with iPhone & iPod touch (2nd Generation) which has iPhone OS 3.0 and upper OS.

Key Words: relax, sound, noise, ambiance,
ambience, sleep, asleep