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What is CheatSheet?

CheatSheet is an online repository of cheat sheets and quick reference guides for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It contains essential information for IT professionals, programmers, or anyone that uses computers regularly.

What are “cheat sheets”?

Wikipedia says “a ‘cheat sheet’ is any short (one or two page) reference to terms, commands, or symbols where the user is expected to understand the use of such terms etc but not necessarily to have memorized all of them.”

Why should I buy this app?

CheatSheet is the ONLY comprehensive app of cheat sheet application for the phone. Why pay for an application per cheat sheet when you can buy one app with over 50 useful cheat sheets? Here are some other reasons:
- Quick, Easy, Vital: Access information without taking up any additional screen real estate on your computer.
- Buy once, get unlimited updates: CheatSheet’s contents are dynamically generated. Expect new different content without having to pay a dime.
- Cached content: The first time you view a sheet it gets cached locally on your iPhone/iPodTouch. This means every subsequent launch will load much faster.

What are the cheat sheets are included in the App?
- Apache
- Bash
- C
- C++
- Core C# and .NET
- Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts
- emacs
- Firefox Shortcuts
- Gimp
- Git
- GMail Shortcuts
- Google
- Google Maps
- HTML Character Entries
- Jango
- Javascript
- JQuery
- Mac OS X Shortcuts
- mod_rewrite
- MooTools
- OpenSSH
- Photoshop Shortcuts (Mac)
- Photoshop Shortcuts (Windows)
- php
- Postgres SQL
- Prototype
- Python
- Regular Expressions
- RGB Hex Color Guide
- Ruby on Rails
- Sendmail
- ServerSideIncludes (SSI)
- Solaris Admin Guide
- SQL Server
- Subversion
- TcpDump
- Unix/Linux Guide
- vi
- vim
- Wikipedia
- World of Warcraft
- XEmacs
- XSLT and XPath