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Fortune Stick Seamsee (Eng)

iPhone / iPad
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_________________WHAT'S NEW_________________
*added WAT SOTHORN read out
*easier to shake

Check your fortune today easily at home anytime you want by shaking your iPhone.

With the prediction read-outs that are two largest and oldest and most sacred temples in Thailand.

1. User can choose among 3 sets of read-outs.
- Dragon Temple: Guan Yin Goddess
- Dragon Temple: Grand Buddha
- Wat Sothorn: Luang Por Budha Sothorn
2. User can save the read-out that he/she likes to see it again. (as Thai people will take the lucky read-outs back home)

How to use:
1. Click 'Start'
2. Select read-out set that you want
3. Set your mind straight, then click the red dot.
4. Shake until the read-out shows up.
5. Click on the screen for options
- Save (for save this read-out to read again)
- Back to Main Menu

Fortune Stick Shaker is an old fortune telling art originated in China. The process starts with praying to the Supreme Being and asking what one needs to know whether it's job-related, love life or simply day-to-day living issue. Hold the cylindrical bamboo container at a shallow angle –almost horizontal. Gently shake the container up and down. Stir and move about until one particular stick begins to move forward. Keep shaking until this stick falls out completely. Read the number on the end of the stick and fetch the corresponding fortune from the compartment. The read-out is written in beautiful poetic language.

Language - English

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