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Blitz Blok

iPhone / iPad
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Welcome to Blitz Blok, TRUESoft Entertainment's first game for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Catch a demo of game from here:

The goal of the game is to pop the Bloks falling from the top of the screen before they reach be bottom by tapping on them. The game will get increasingly difficult as more Bloks are popped in the form of higher drop rates, more types of Bloks dropping, and other surprises! There are different game modes available to keep players on the edge. Please write reviews about what you like and do not like so I can make updates, enjoy!

Different Game Modes:
-Standard Mode: Bloks will fall from the top of the screen, and the player must pop them before they crash at the bottom of the screen causing the player's green Life Support gauge on the left to deplete! Popping Bloks will replenish the Life Support Gauge over time. New types of Bloks begin to fall every 5 levels, and there are 7 in all.

-Survival Mode: This mode plays just as Standard Mode does only the games start off with the Life Support Guage nearly depleted, and popping Bloks do not replenish it like in other modes. Certain power-ups such as the Green Blok's Blitzen known as "Guardian" will shoot particles at the Life Support gauge upon activation which will replenish it over time.

-Coded: This mode is the most interesting mode of them all! In Coded, there will be a color spelled out in the background of the game. The player can only tap the current color to progress. If the player taps off-colored Bloks without tapped the current color, or allowing target-colored Bloks to crash at the bottom of the screen will deplete the Life Support gauge.

-Switchboard: Played just Standard Mode only there is a transparent shutter blocking off half of the screen. Touch the shutter to move it to flip it to the other side of the screen. NOTE: This mode will go under heavy revisions within the next few updates.

The Seven Blitzens:
As players progress, powered-up Bloks, known as Blitzens, will drop from the top of the screen alongside other Bloks. Popping them will initiate their powers. Each color has their own Blitzen and power associated with it! Try each of them out and see what happens!

An online leaderboard system will be supported in the next release.

Also, there are no instructions included in this release, but we do have them posted online. Please go to's support page to view the instructions for Blitz Blok.

I will be reading the customer reviews here, but please do not hesitate to send me an email to: Our current support page on our web site is under construction; sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for playing!
--Travis True of TRUESoft Entertainment