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Suntan Watcher - Prevent Sunburn with your iPhone!

iPhone / iPad
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Suntan Watcher is an iPhone app that has three separate timers with real human voice and alarm reminders that say the following:

1. Please turn over

2. Please reapply suntan lotion

3. Please check on your loved ones

The real human voice, a female (English UK) accent voice reminder so the alarm stands out and with a simple high pitched bell alarm that will notify you when it is time to check on your suntan lotion.

Also when the alarm reminder goes off, it continually goes off until you click the off switch. That way you will hear the sound if you are surrounded by loud noises.

There is a play button on the main page where you can test and hear the voice and alarm of how the reminder sounds.

Pressing the tiny i icon at the bottom of the main page allows you to change the default timer durations. You can set all of them individually by pressing the up and down arrow buttons to adjust a suitable duration for your particular action. When you have set the timers, simply click the animated SAVE button and then when you return to the main screen your defaults will be saved. The defaults are also saved when you exit and load the app again, so you never have to do double data entry.

Spending time at the beach or in the sun is a lot of fun, but as our ozone layer is thinning, we now need to be more careful than ever. Also, time flies fast when you are having fun and most of us do not recall the last time we applied our suntan lotion. With Suntan Watcher you can protect yourself, your kids, your family and friends against the harmful rays of the sun by having your iPhone remind you when to reapply your suntan lotion!

ALL buttons are animated and provide sound feedback to enhance the application as well as hear the reminders, especially in crowded beached, etc.

Melanoma is the leading cancer from sun exposure. It is estimated that new cases and deaths from melanoma in the United States in 2008 are:

New cases: 62,480
Deaths: 8,420

Most people love to lay out in the sun, but to prevent Melanoma, your best bet is to apply large amounts and frequent amounts of suntan lotion/sun screen. SunTan Watcher will help give you more focus on your skin and will help you to constantly reapply suntan lotion as we all sweat and swim in the water.

Please be careful in the sun and we hope you never get sunburn again!