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WordSearch Solver

iPhone / iPad
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Stuck on crossword game? Feel like creating your own Word Search grids ? A little help for Scrabble or CrossWords ?
WordSearch Solver could be your best ally for succeeding in these games. An ultimate Solver ?

Select the language; Write the known letters and enter a space for the unknown ones.
Nota : Spaces will be automatically displayed as '*' in a more convenient way.

WordSearch Solver will search in its own databases ( 5 languages; 90000 words each), to display the requested results.
First search could be longer than the others (less than 8s).

Selecting another language relaunches the search.

Results are displayed in either straight or reverse way.
Very convenient for WordSearch creation !
Number of words found are indicated as well.

Scroll the list view in order to see the whole list.

CrossWord should be easier now !

Also available on AppStore :
- WordSearch EN : more than 100 grids in english. Thematic grids included.
- Mots Meles : more than 115 french grids.
- SopaDeLetras : spanish grids.
- Pendu : French hangman with a western touch
- CrazyWords, Masterwords : French anagram word games
- LeTaquin : a 15 puzzle game dedicated to kids, with beautiful animal paintings