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uPaid is a singly focused, simple to use, iPhone OS application to keep track of who needs to pay you for a group purchase which is to be split up equally between the group. uPaid will not calculate tax (that is almost always on the bill), aid in calculating a tip (that is what the built-in calculator is for), balance your check-book, track your stocks, or a myriad of other useful tasks. What it does, it does well, but that is all it does.

For example, say you and the gang go out for pizza and a couple of pitchers. The night is over and it is time to pay, some have cash, some have only credit cards. You, being the cool one, opt to pay the whole bill now and will collect from everyone else later. Sounded good at the time, however now you are faced with the daunting challenge of collecting from everyone and remembering who has paid and who has not. No problem, you fire up your favorite personal iOS device (iPhone or iPod Touch) and launch uPaid.

Simply key in the total amount, each group member's name, and let uPaid do the rest. uPaid calculates how much each person owes, and the best part, provides a simple interface to show you who has paid and who still has to pay (the most important information). Here is how simple it is.

1. Key in the Event Name & Total Amount.
2. Key in each member's name (don't forget yourself).
3. Swipe (paid) each person as they pay.

uPaid will maintain the list until all the money is collected. In addition, uPaid has the ability to track more than one event list, and even has an optimization to track a list of one. Rather than IOU, I call them UOMe!

So don't fret. Let uPaid keep track of who owes you what.