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Fighter Pedia - An Ultimate Guide for Military Aircraft

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As we grew up we were simply fascinated with military aircrafts, fighter planes and jets and thought you would be no different. Fighter Pedia is the very first and complete app on the app store with such a vast and beautifully arranged information on these fighting machines. You will find our passion for fighter planes being reflected in Fighter Pedia.

Fighter pedia gives you information on more than NINETY fighter planes from every era. The planes are arranged chronologically starting from the period of before World War 1 to the present.

You can think of this app as a fighter encyclopedia that covers the F series (F2, F14, F15, F16, F18, F22), Mig series ( Mig21, Mig23, Mig25, Mig31, Mig35), Su Series (Su15, Su17 , Su27, Su30M, Su30MKI ) and a lot of other fighters. Boast around a little with your information, show it to friends, young ones or just scroll through the beautiful images in your time. Its an ultimate reference for fighter planes on your iPhone.


- data on more than NINETY planes from the year 1908 to 2009 !!

- more than 60 breath taking wallpapers of the F16 , F22 , F14 (plane used in topgun) , Euro Fighter , F15

- have covered planes from the 1900's to 2009 (including the latest in stealth F22 raptor)

- have at least 8 pictures for each plane at varying angles

- detailed information on each plane including but not limited to its general characteristics , armaments, avionics, performance , manufacturer details and pricing etc .

- combat history, which refers to the famous battles, air fights and conquering of the enemies. This application has an edge over the others because not only does it give you the plain information that every app does, it also acquaints you with the famous events associated with that plane

- contains glossary of over 50 terms including but not limited to AWACS, avionic, air-to-air missiles etc

- contains loads of Interesting facts for each plane for instance , did you know that the F16 cannot fly without it's embedded computers i.e. if they fail the pilot has no way to get out of a crash.

- the operator countries are shown with their flags, which is very interactive indeed as the flags are visible as little bubbles adding only more to the innovativeness of this application.

- test out your military aircraft recognition skills by playing “guess the plane”

- Ability to compare multiple aircrafts on feature by feature basis

Feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions/improvements. We would love to work on those !!

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Please note that we have taken explicit permissions to produce these images, wherever needed. No rights can be obtained from this program or it's contents , designated trademarks, images and brands are property of their respective owners.