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iHear Dialer

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Have you ever tried dialing a number without looking at your phone? Impossible on a touch screen isn’t it? Well not anymore...

iHear Dialer allows you to dial phone numbers without looking at the keypad. As you move your hand around on the keypad, the dialer will tell you what number your finger is on and when you want that number, just release your finger!

View a demo video at or click on "KayZee Solutions Web Site" below.

iHear Dialer was created with blind and visually impaired users in mind, but it’s also great for anyone to dial a number without looking.

You might be wondering why this app still exists since Apple introduced the Accessibility options in 3GS but it works much better than the built in support. The accessibility options severely affect the flow and beauty of the iPhone interface. iHear Dialer works fast and gets the job done without having to turn on the accessibility option. It can be used anytime, connections required.

iHear Dialer allows you to:
- Dial phone numbers without looking at the keypad
- Dial your last 6 previous numbers (History tab)
- Choose between 2 voices (Alex & Jules)
- Display or remove hyphens as you dial numbers

Note: KayZee Solutions in no way endorses the use of iHear Dialer while driving a motor vehicle or while operating any machine.