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Say It! - Digital Lips - Lite

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Entertainment
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SAY IT!™ LITE, a sampling from:
-Bar Edition
-Everyday Edition
-School Edition
-Office Edition

Having trouble getting the words out?

With SAY IT!™ we do the work for you!

Want to tell your boss off, get flirty at the bar, break up with your boyfriend / girlfriend, or say "I Love you" for the first time?

Open the application and select your lips: either male, female, light skin, or dark skin.

Choose a line from the list, shake the phone, hold it up to your mouth and the phone will do the rest!

The free Sample Edition gives you a taste of how exactly Say It!™ works. Make sure to checkout the COMPLETE: Bar, Office, Everyday, and School Editions to fully experience SAY IT!

Bar Edition:
-"Is that an iphone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me!?
-"I'm going outside to make out: care to join me?"
-"How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice? Can I get your number?"

Office Edition:
-"Your job is on the line here. If you screw this one up you're fired."
-"This is a business not Woodstock. Put on some shoes!"
-"You can take this job and SHOVE IT!"

School Edition:
-"Mom, Dad, Can I borrow the car?"
-"Mom, Dad, I wrecked the car."
-"WIll you be my date for prom?"

Everyday Edition:
-"Honey, If I have been acting strangely lately, I’m sorry, but I know the reason... I’m pregnant."
-"I married you for your looks, not your brains."
-"I’m sorry."
-"I love you."
-"Mom, Dad, I'm gay!"


"We can help you SAY IT, after that you're on your own."™

Checkout the Bar, Office, Everyday, and School editions for a complete collection of rants, jabs, pickup lines, and explanations that you can't quite get off your chest.