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Stud Finder

iPhone / iPad
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Is he a stud, a spud or just a plain dud? Or does he have just enough of all the right stuff? The truth is in the eye of the beholder, and the Stud Finder is the perfect app to behold.

Swim suit or business suit. Sweats or sleek tuxedo. The Stud Finder can seek out many perfections and imperfections to sum up the whole picture with an unbiased result. Or you can pitch the odds in your favor with a not so random Stud rating. If you've had a few or even a few too many, the Stud Finder can be a priceless tool to use before you decide to connect with that first kiss.

The Stud Finder is an intriguing application for engaging the object of your affection. An ice breaker beyond compare!

The Stud Finder is the perfect app to discretely communicate with your friends while on safari at the mall, boy hunting at the beach, stalking your prey at the club, catching a live one at the laundromat or cruising for a connection on the street.

This telltale application is a great tease to try on friends. You can knock those egos down a peg or lend a hand for those that need a little cheering up.

Simply point the device at your subject and press the scan button. The Stud Finder will then analyze your subject and provide a rating.

Stud Finder results are as follows:

* Stud - The cream of the crop. Just enough "come hither" attraction to invite and distract, with plenty of intelligence to keep things interesting.

* Hunk - Smooth and sleek in looks and personality. A great combination for a good time.

* Average - Pleasant but a little plain. Easy to please and eager to please others.

* Scrub – Better know what you are up against when you bring this one home. You may never get him to leave your couch again!

While on the hunt for Studs this never fail application is a must!

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