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Define as many banner texts as you like. Besides your own texts iTicker can show - well more or less - useful information like 100 digits of PI, the Morse alphabet, 1 to 10 in 26 different languages or parts of the Human DNA code (one of the most expensive texts in human history by the way). Learn them quite simple - along the way.

As display standard fonts and transparent "dot masks" are used. In contrast to LED simulations they offer a lot more facilities. You can choose dots and lines in many different sizes and gaps. If you use no mask you see the pure font. A mask with hearts as dots is ideal for special events and textes...

This display technique results in smooth (choose 1 to 20 pixel) and fast (delay 1 to 20) scrolling and a free choice of color and brightness for both text and foreground.

- Very smooth scrolling - from 1 to 20 pixel per clock pulse.
- Choose speed (1 to 20) and delay (1 to 20) as you like.
- Works in portrait and landscape mode.
- Single tap starts/stops the ticker.
- Select color and brightness for text and background.
- Choose from a variety of stencils to simulate pixels.
- 19 different masks included - more to come in the future.
- Use all fonts your iPhone offers (52 at the moment).
- Define text position and font size intuitively via dragging and pinching/spreading the text.
- Settings are stored on exit of course.

- Auto Lock: Prevent the iPhone from sleep mode.
- Rotation: Switch off rotation if you don't like that.
- Status Bar: Full screen display as option.
- Date/Time: Define the bottom line's format at will.

- Define, reuse and copy as many texts as you like. No limitation in length!
- Use nice symbols for polishing (arrows, office, weather, business, game - "heart" included).
- A configurable date & time text shown as bottom line and/or scrolling text.

- PI (yes, it starts with 3.141 - but how it goes on...?).
- e (the first 200 digits of Euler's constant).
- Prime numbers from 1 to 997.
- 100 Random numbers (originally created by your iPhone).
- Numbers 1-10 in 26 different languages.
- Some Fibounacci numbers - a really interesting sequence f(n) = f(n-1) + f(n-2).
- First 100 square numbers x * x.
- First 100 cube numbers x * x * x.
- DNA Code - learn more about the building blocks of our life.
- Morse Code - get to know the Morse alphabet (including "@").
- More in future releases...

Requests & suggestions may be send to
VERSION 1.0 (2009-03-17):
- First release.

VERSION 1.1 (2009-03-20):
- New mode: Your text as binary code. Right stuff for nerds - or if you ever want to know how texts look like inside your computer.
- Within the font selection both family and font name are shown. All type faces are supported now. iPhone 2.2 let you choose from 52 fonts.
- Color examples are shown within the selection wheel.
- Six new dot masks have been added. The last one is quite "psychodelic", especially on black background.

VERSION 1.2 (2009-03-23):
- Localisation English, German.

VERSION 1.3 (2009-04-04):
- A special seasonal stencil - so you can display your Easter greetings in an appropriate way...