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Here's what people are saying about the game that's easy to pick up and hard to put down:

"DropOut can get really intense after you’ve played for even just a few minutes, and I found myself getting done with a game and realizing I’d just been playing one game after another for over an hour."
- Martin Grider

"This game is lots of fun, and you will want to keep coming back to top your score, which you can even submit online to show off."

"Dropout is a game for people who love quick thinking and puzzle games. You also need fast fingers."
- iPhone Footprint

How to play:

As colored blocks fall down from the top, touch and slide the rows left and right to create matching sets of four. DropOut features two kinds of special blocks, Locks and Falling Stars, that force you to plan your moves carefully.

Locks are eliminated by matching them up with other blocks of the same color, but rows with Locks in them cannot be moved. Getting rid of Locks can be tricky, but ignoring them is a sure-fire way to get stuck!

Falling Stars are worth lots of points if you match up four or more, but beware! If Falling Stars reach the bottom row, they will fall through and be lost, along with your chance to score big!

DropOut can be played in Blitz mode or Arcade mode. Blitz mode gives you two minutes to score as many points as you can. Arcade mode is unlimited, but you have to keep up. If you let the board fill up with blocks, it's game over! Scores can be submitted online to the Game Center leaderboards.

Puzzle mode:

DropOut features 30 puzzle levels where the goal is to find a series of moves that will clear all the blocks. The levels start out easy and get more and more challenging. This brain game will take your DropOut skills to a whole new level.

Other features:

Background music by Aaron McConnell
Color-blind mode
Save and resume games in all three game modes