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Battlechest is the BIGGEST, BEST FANTASY WEAPONS SIMULATION app available. Wield 18 different powerful weapons anytime, anywhere against friends and enemies. Battle, practice and prepare yourself to compete in the upcoming Battlechest 2.0, a multiplayer experience unlike anything ever seen in the world of gaming.

• Special power attacks and unique motions trigger each weapon differently
• Over 100 high-quality film sound effects
• Select between destruction and gruesome death blows
• 18 different weapons including: Battle axe, Short Bow, Long sword, Bull whip, Blowgun, Dagger, Tomahawk, Shuriken, Fiery sling, Warhammer, War dart, Scimitar, Flail, Scythe, Butterfly knife, Spear, Boomerang, and Fiery Potion.

WEAPON UPDATE!...on the way including: Spiked Club, Crossbow, Katana, Bola, Gladius, Metal Ribbon, Sai and the Wand.

VOTE!...send us a comment exclusively through the App to vote for the final weapon in the next update: Trident or Bo staff.

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iREACTOR: Marvel at the power of your own miniaturized energy source and fight for freedom against the forces of tyranny and terror. Unleash explosive energy blasts from the palm of your hand or fly like a jet-powered super hero, a true avenger against evil.

DOTMAN DASH: Dotman was a simple farmer. Transfigured by destiny into an elemental form, he must now explore a limbo world of dangerous traps and perilous landscapes, with only his harvesting skills to survive in this unique platformer.

iKNOW KUNG FU: Show off your Kung-Fu and karate skills and challenge your friends in iKnowKungFu. iKnowKungFu responds to your movement to make you look like a Kung-Fu action star.

NUNCHUCK MASTER: Release your inner ninja through the original and best nunchuck simulation available! Who needs gun or shotgun app simulators when you can virtually wield the weapon of choice of the master Bruce Lee.

Device Specifications: Works on all iOS devices running 4.2 and higher. Requires external speaker of headphones to enjoy.

Tenfold Games, Battlechest, iKnowKungFu, iReactor, Nunchuck Master and all associated logos and content are © copyright 2008 Tenfold Games LLC. All rights reserved. Dotman Dash, associated content and any other additional logos and content of other properties are ©copyright 2012 Tenfold Games LLC. All rights reserved.