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SkyText is the premier text-scrolling application for the iPhone and iPod Touch from Heynow Software.

SkyText allows you to type messages on your touch device and display them instantly as scrolling text on its screen. In real time. All from one screen.

Here's how it works:

1. Hold your iPhone/iPod Touch in portrait orientation and type text on the keyboard, just like text messaging.

2. Raise your hand (the one holding the device) and face the screen toward the person that you want to display the message to, in landscape orientation. SkyText uses the accelerometer to sense the change in orientation and automatically scrolls the message.

That's it. Quick and easy. The way it should be.

When would you use SkyText?

• In a loud, crowded bar
• A hottie is looking at you from a distance and you want to break the ice
• You've become thirsty
• Your buddy is a the end of the bar, and you just need to taunt him
• At a concert
• On the golf course
• At the airport
• At a sporting event
• In the parking lot, picking up your kids after a concert
• At the beach
• In the library
• At the race track
• While hunting or fishing
• Six of you are going skiing, 3 people each in 2 cars. Cell reception is spotty, you need to communicate and don't want to "scream & freeze"
• You're a sound engineer and you need to tell the guitar player to turn down
• You're in church and need to discreetly tell the reverend that his fly is unzipped
• Anywhere you need to communicate with somebody and:
• They are unable to hear you
• You need to get their attention
• You can't get to them
• You can't make a sound but want to get a message across

When would *you* use SkyText?

And, in case you're wondering:

√ Yes, after the message ends there's a brief delay, you get a single vibration, and the message scrolls again.

√ Yes, when you bring your hand back down, SkyText has cleared the text-entry box and the cursor is blinking, ready for you to type your next message.
√ Yes, if you want re-display the last message, it's still available on the screen. Just tap on it to display it again.

√ Yes, you can store messages as preset messages and quickly select them for display with one tap.

√ Yes, you can also edit a preset message quickly and display it, with or without saving the edits to the preset itself!

√ Yes, you can quickly go between hand-typing and preset messages on the same screen.

√ Yes, there are two font/background color combinations for day and night display, quickly accessible on the screen.

√ Yes, we know some people are left-handed. SkyText scrolls the text properly regardless of which way you turn it into landscape. You can even flip your phone upside down once it's scrolling, and watch the fun.

We put a lot of time and effort into SkyText because, frankly, you shouldn't have to.

We're Heynow.