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P4Scout, by Perforce (, enables you to check the status of your Perforce servers. When you launch P4Scout, it displays a list of servers, both preconfigured (you enter the settings) and discovered (via Bonjour).

Server status is indicated by an icon to the left of the server name:

* (green dot): up and running
^ (yellow triangle): problem (long-running tasks/expired licenses/approaching user quota)
[ ] (red square): can't connect to Perforce server process (can reach host machine)
? (question mark): server host machine cannot be reached

To move a discovered server to the Saved list, tap it and, on the Detail pane, click Keep. To define a new server to check, tap +. Fill out the details in the New Server pane and tap Save.

For more detail about a server, click the server name. P4Scout displays a Detail pane, listing the server name, host and port, version, uptime, license expiration (time remaining) and number of users, plus a list of long-running tasks. To initiate an ssh session with the server machine (using a client such as TouchTerm), tap the SSH button.

To list long-running tasks, tap the arrow next to the Monitor field. P4Scout displays the task pane. To email the user who launched the task, tap the task.

To change the default Perforce user name (used to connect to Perforce servers), use the Settings app.

(P4Scout uses the Perforce Objective-C API, available soon from Perforce.)