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魏書 (繁體) 二十四史 之一 weishu ershisishi

iPhone / iPad
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This book contains "WeiShu" in traditional Chinese.

The Book of Wei (Chinese: 魏書/魏书; pinyin: Wèishū) is a classic Chinese historical writing compiled by Wei Shou from 551 to 554, and serves as an important historical text describing the Northern Wei and Eastern Wei from 386 to 550.

LoudReader on mobile is an iPhone reader application which supports:

Full screen reading mode.LoudReader gives the best utilization of precious iphone screen.
Rich formatted HTML book instead of plain text displaying.
Intuitive pinch gesture to increase or decrease font size for the best reading experience.
One tap popup controls to help user easily navigate the book.
Reading in landscape mode, automatically to adjust application to fit the screen.
Getting back to last time reading location (exact book, chapter and scroll postion)
Quickly go to any chapter or next or previous chapter function
Quick scrollbar navigation control to quickly navigate inside long book page
Supports web browser style backward/forward functions. One tap on the green button could bring
user back to the original book location. A great feature for quick reference function.
LoudReader 是创新性的iPhone 阅读程序, 它具有:

全屏幕阅读支持. LoudReader 只在用户需要时显示控制对话框, 而其它iPhone 阅读程序显示控制始终占用宝贵的屏幕.
使用HTML显示图书的多种字体, 优于其它程序的单一字体文本显示方式.
手指轻击即可使用的章节选择, 字体大小控制.
支持 iPhone/iPod touch 水平方向阅读. 程序自动调整图书显示方式.
支持图书章节的前进后退功能, 在快速查阅参考图书的其它章节后一键即可回到原来阅读的地方