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Fire Truck Sliding Puzzle -- New HuaRongDao (新华容道)

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Fire! Fire! Flames and smoke are rising from the bottom of the game board. A fire truck is coming to the rescue. Wait, the traffic is jammed around the fire truck! Would you, the player, take the challenge to slide the blocked fire truck piece to the bottom center of the game board and put out the fire?

The "Fire Truck" puzzle is a variation of a classic block sliding game that has been played in many countries for over 100 years. This game has many names: Pennant Puzzle, Dad's Puzzle, Donkey in Red (from French L'Ane Rouge), HuaRongDao (from Chinese Hua Rong Dao 华容道 華容道 or Chibi 赤壁), Daughter in the box (from Japanese hakoiri musume 箱入り娘), Klotski (from Polish Klocki), and Khun Chang Khun Phaen (Thailand).

"Fire Truck" features 627 puzzles grouped in five difficulty levels. If you get stuck at any time, you can click the "Hint" button and our AI engine will make the next move for you. After solving a puzzle, you can save it to the Score Board and later show it off to your friends!

- 627 puzzles in 5 difficulty levels
- Built-in AI engine providing hints at any time
- Save solutions in Score Board and replay them later
- Animation of putting out the fire
- Pause/resume the puzzle being played
- Save the game state when exiting the game
- Fun for all ages


“华容道"是一种经典的益智游戏。“救火车版华容道"赋予了这个游戏新的活力。除了传统的十种布局如“横刀立马”外,“救火车版华容道"另增加了600余种开局,并按照完成的难易程度分为5级。无论是新手,还是骨灰级玩家,都能从中得到乐趣。“救火车版华容道"还提供"实时帮助"功能。任何时候玩家按"Hint"按钮,我们的人工智能引擎会立刻显示下一个“最优步"。过关后,玩家可以将所有步骤保存到“成绩看版", 然后和朋友一同观看通关过程。

- 共627种不同开局,按难易程度分成5级
- 内置人工智能引擎随时提供实时帮助
- 保存过关步骤到“成绩看版",并可随时重放
- 接听电话或退出游戏后可回到退出前的状态
- 暂停/重起游戏
- 老少皆宜,乐在其中