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i Funny Face

iPhone / iPad
  • Photo & Video
  • Entertainment
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Funny Face
In brief: the apps that allows you to add a lot of objects and modify them to fit your photo

More details: [ visit for detailed information, gallery and videos ]
When you start Funny Face you are asked for a photo to use.
You can pick one from:

-your albums
-and celebrities

Once the photo is chosen all the funny part begins.

The so called “Object Library” opens where you are able to choose something interesting you’d like to add to your photo. There is about 40 objects (and growing) at the moment divided into 4 categories:

-glasses (ten different types of glasses...)
-face (Afro, Manga-style hair, mustache, male/female hairstyles and more...)
-frames (picture frames, western-style "Wanted, Reward", valentines card, prison and more...)
-extras (pipe jewelry , bunny ears, hearts and more...)

The fifth “category” contains few options.

To use any objects just select the category and touch it. Object Library hides. Tap anywhere on the screen to put glasses for example. Touch and drag your finger to change it’s position. Tap it once to open the toolbar, where you are able to remove your glasses or rotate. If you need to flip the object horizontally in the options activate “Auto flip” and add object again. To deactivate this feature press “Auto flip” again.

Tap the screen with three fingers to open Object Library again…
… and add as many objects as you need

Of course you are able to resize objects as well. We implemented two ways of resizing.

Touch the object with one finger, touch background with second and pinch. The object will be as big as distance of your fingers.
Touch the object with two fingers and pinch. Using this method you are able to make the object bigger than a screen, for example a big Afro hair :).

Adding frames
If you touch any frame, it shows itself instantly and your photo is resized to fit the frame. By default all objects appear behind the frame. If you want go to the options and activate “Above Frame” (”Below Frame” will be deactivated and vice versa) and add your big afro hair. In options there is also a button to remove the frame.

What next?

Once the photo is finished in options click “Save photo” it will go straight to your camera roll. Than you can send it via e-mail to your friends or sync it with your computer. Please send us your arts . Best will be published here with your description :).

The app is only for fun, please, don’t hurt anybody’s filling using this app.

If you bought our app please write a review in the App Store. Remember to choose your star rating, as by default it’s set to one.

visit for detailed information, gallery and videos

this version does not contain anything you can smoke :|