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The Yellow Fairy Book

iPhone / iPad
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“The Yellow Fairy Book” is a collection of fairy tales compiled by Andrew Lang and published in the late 19th century. This and other of Lang's books were some of the first compilations of fairy tales published in English. “The Yellow Fairy Book” contains tales gathered from many different countries (e.g. Russian, German, French and Icelandic to name a few). They were edited and translated by Lang and his associates to be of particular interest to children.

The complete list of stories in this eBook is as follows:

The Cat and the Mouse in Partnership
The Six Swans
The Dragon of the North
Story of the Emperor's New Clothes
The Golden Crab
The Iron Stove
The Dragon and his Grandmother
The Donkey Cabbage
The Little Green Frog
The Seven-headed Serpent
The Grateful Beasts
The Giants and the Herd-boy
The Invisible Prince
The Crow
How Six Men travelled through the Wide World
The Wizard King
The Nixy
The Glass Mountain
Alphege, or the Green Monkey
The Three Brothers
The Boy and the Wolves, or the Broken Promise
The Glass Axe
The Dead Wife
In the Land of Souls
The White Duck
The Witch and her Servants
The Magic Ring
The Flower Queen's Daughter
The Flying Ship
The Snow-daughter and the Fire-son
The Story of King Frost
The Death of the Sun-hero
The Witch
The Hazel-nut Child
The Story of Big Klaus and Little Klaus
Prince Ring
The Swineherd
How to tell a True Princess
The Blue Mountains
The Tinder-box
The Witch in the Stone Boat
The Nightingale
Hermod and Hadvor
The Steadfast Tin-soldier
Blockhead Hans
A Story about a Darning-needle

You can read through the text with the following commands:
+When reading a chapter, swipe to the left to go to the next page.
+Swipe to the right to go to the previous page.
+Double-tap the screen to move to the beginning of a chapter.
+Click on 'Start where I left off...' to continue reading at the point at which you last closed the eBook.

The eBook application allows you to change the text's font type, color and size as well as the color of the background. These settings will be saved when the application is closed and automatically applied when the eBook is opened again.

The application keeps track of your current position in the text as you read and saves this position when you close the application. Upon relaunching the application, you can easily resume reading at the position of this virtual bookmark.

These instructions are repeated in the eBook application.

Please note that when you first open a chapter, the application takes two or three seconds to perform certain initialization operations before the text appears. The same is true when you change font and/or color settings.

Languages: English

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone 2.2 Software Update
iPhone OS 3.0 Tested