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Have you ever wondered if you snore or make loud snorting sounds while you sleep? With iSnort, you can schedule your iPhone to record at any time during the night for future playback. You can also record on-demand if you want to capture someone next to you snoring. The on-demand recording feature can also turn your iPhone into a memo or voice note recorder.

The recording and playback views also include a sound bar graph to illustrate the volume levels of the audio.


1. On the main home page, you will see a time/clock selector and below that are four duration choices: 10, 30, 60 and 120 minutes. If you want to schedule a recording, select the record start time.

2. Choose a duration, and click the red record button.

3. The next screen confirms the scheduled time and selected duration. Now the iPhone is ready to rest by your bed! You can turn the screen off, or it will go into sleep-mode on its own.

4. At the scheduled time, the iPhone will wake up and start recording! If the screen has locked, it will remain locked during the recording.

5. When you wake up, launch iSnort and check the play list by selecting the green Play button.


1. If you want to start recording immediately, at the scheduling page just select the red Record button leaving the time as is. This takes you to a fully functional memo recorder!


Does your significant-other complain that you snore or snort loudly while you sleep? Even if others say you do snore, do you dismiss the accusation for lack of evidence? Or maybe you sleep alone and wonder if you snore at night. This App will solve these mysteries!

NOTE: Since this App uses the iPhone's built-in microphone, only iPod Touch users with external mics can use iSnort effectively.


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