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Hunt! No, there's no big game or other animals involved. This time, it's those pesky green aliens that just won't stop it already with invading Earth and whatnot - you pack your trusty hyper tech rifle, complete with pretty colored led lights, and take them on. Where else but in space?

Hunt! Is a simple and intuitive shooting game that transforms the iPhone's touch sensitive controls into a fast paced, thumb-numbing game of blast the bad guy. Use one thumb to control where your rifle aims and the other one to shoot and reload it, as the little green men dash by ever faster.

Enter bootcamp mode to get acquainted with the intuitive control scheme, compete against the hordes in career (Levels) mode, or try your luck and see how hardcore you really are, that is many you can afford to miss in the die hard Rampage mode. Whether they fly, skip along or pop out of the scenery, enemies are becoming harder and harder targets, which could keep you glued to your iPhone's screen for as long as your hands can take it.

So, to sum it up:

1. Thoroughly warm up your fingers, especially your thumbs;
2. Blast them green critters away as fast as humanly possible;
3. Try and keep up!

It's as easy as that. Don't forget to reload!

Hunt! is an episodic game that will come with a totally different theme in every installment.