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Sunrise and Sunset Relaxation Videos

iPhone / iPad
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Sunrise and Sunset Relaxation Videos
Why not make the next time you're waking up or getting ready for bed a special one you'll remember and relax with a sunrise or a sunset from this collection of sunrises and sunsets?

If you love the sun, like to relax, and enjoy sounds from sunny spots around the world, you'll enjoy this video relaxation pack to whip you away to your own private paradise whether it's on a private beach, a distant countryside, or watching the sun set behind the sand dunes of Egypt. Enjoy 5 different relaxing scenes of sunrises and sunsets in this collection of video and soundscape environments for you to relax with.

Sunrise and Sunset videoscapes are easy to enjoy, just browse with the "Next" and "Prev" button until you see one of the videos you'd like to relax too. Touch the screen to open it and when you'd like to return to the menu, just shake your device.

Features 5 different sunrise morning and sunset evening scenes like:
* Egypt Sand Dunes and Camels: Watch crane birds flying in an Egyptian sunset as sand from sand dunes wraps around huge dunes. As you see the sun setting, three camels slowly edge their way for a night's slumber.

* Country Sunrise: Watch a sunrise as clouds quickly scatter from their night slumber and barnyard animals awake from their sleep. You'll hear a rooster on a farm, a nearby horse snorting and waking up, the church bells ringing in the distance and geese flying by. If you like to take a moment and picture you're on a country farm, this is the perfect video and soundscape scene for you to relax with! Great for waking up to.

* Huge Surf and an Ocean Sunset: Watch huge surf waves break as the sun sets on your own relaxation island escape. Practically feel the breeze blowing through your hair and the warmth of the sun glowing its last few rays of sunshine. You can almost feel the splash of ocean water sprinkle your face.

* Morning Footprints in the Sand: Hear the seagulls as they wake up to the waves lapping on your private beach shore. See your footprints slowly appearing in the sand as you take in the soothing sounds of your own private island beach.

* BONUS Urban Downtown San Francisco Bay: Listen as the city awakes and people head to work or play on the bay. Hear trucks, people, the distant bell from a sea buoy and a ferry in the bay. If you love to hear the motions of a city and miss places like NYC, Sydney, or San Francisco Bay which have an urban and ocean beach bay culture, chill with the sounds of an urban downtown sunrise.

Simply select a scene with the "Next" or "Prev" button, then click the preview to launch the endless video. Shake the device to return to the menu after viewing a scene.

We recommend downloading this app via iTunes as it contains a few high quality video scenes you'd want a good download of.