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JPClock is an application designed to reproduce a Japanese clock (Wadokei) used in the Edo period (1603-1867).

The Wadokei is a Japanese clock used to count time by dividing the day in six units from sunrise to sunset, and by dividing the night in six units from sunset to sunrise.

The temporal hour is a traditional Japanese timekeeping practice that was established with the lifestyle of the Edo period. Work while the Sun is up, and the day ends at sunset.
The oil used for home lighting was expensive in this period. Living with the sun cycle was economical.

JPClock uses the iPhone's GPS function and measures your position (latitude/longitude) in order to reproduce the Japanese clock.

It also contains a normal clock and a calendar, so you can use the application as a desktop clock or calendar.

--- New functions for iPhone OS 3.0 ---

Added the new function using iPod Library for iPhoneOS 3.0.

You can change setting to play music
* as BGM (playing music during application running)
* as Alarm (playing music at the time when you set it)
* at the time of sunrise
* at the time of sunset
* at the time of sun noon

Because application does not work in the background, these setting is effective only for application run time.

--- Main functions ---

* Clocks (normal/wadokei/sunrise & sunset time display)

* Calendar (monthly/daily)
The monthly calendar displays the current week, as well as the previous week and the upcoming 3 weeks, for a total of 5 weeks on screen.

*Clock ( or calendar ) type is changed by touching clock ( or calendar ) area.

* Display the sunrise/sunset/solor noon time

* Specify the latitude/longitude using GPS

* Specify the latitude/longitude from a built-in list of locations
(A list of build-in locations is found on our support website)

*Show calendar ON/OFF(Clock only mode)

* Screen lock ON/OFF

* National holidays of 2011 for Japan, United States and United Kingdom are shown (names of holidays are not shown at this moment)

* Cooperative fortune application
- Daily fortunes will be shown on the monthly calendar
- Installation of "Omikuji" application is needed to activate

* Supporting the screen rotation (portrait/landscape)

--- Notes to download ---

* Time zone will be set according to the "date and time" settings of the iPhone/iPod touch.

* The latitude/longitude of some areas may not be measured with the iPod touch.
Please check the availability of the auto measurement with the Apple's "Maps" application.
If the area is listed in JPClock's built-in locations, you can measure latitude/longitude even when the auto measurement doesn't work.

* The Wadokei(Japanese clock) cannot be used when the latitude/longitude is not specified.
(Normal clock and calendar are available.)

* The altitude is not included when calculating sunrise/sunset time.
The latitude/longitude calculated by GPS might have a margin of error.
Hence, it could create an error for each time.

* When Screen lock is set to off, the application won't sleep.
When using the device as a desktop clock for a long time, please make sure the device is plugged in the charger.