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Beer BottleBlow

iPhone / iPad
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BottleBlow is a fun application that allows users to pop the top off a beer bottle by tapping the screen, to turn their phone over so that others can see the beer standing up straight, and to make sounds and noises by blowing across the top of the bottle (conveniently positioned near the iPhone's microphone).

Impress your friends with the sounds you can create. Over time, new beer bottles will appear in the Gallery so that you can choose from different bottle styles, brands, etc.

This app is fun, perfect for breaking the ice, and great at parties.

Instructions for How to Use:

Please do the following:

1. Load the app after making sure you have your speakers enabled and the microphone is ready.

2. The splash screen appears and you will need to turn your phone upside down so that the top of the bottle is facing upwards.

3. Tap the cover ("cap") of the bottle. (You must tap the cover while the bottle is upright, otherwise the bottle will never open.) You will see the cover disappear and hear the sound of a bottle being opened.

4. Blow across the top of the bottle/microphone and you will hear a familiar sound.

5. Tap the bottle in different areas to change the level of beer that's in the bottle.

6. Turn the bottle upside down or pretend you are drinking the beer to "pour out" some of the beer.