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Multitouch Private Full Screen Web Browser - fgBrowser

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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This is the first PRIVATE FULLSCREEN and MULTITOUCH based webbrowser exclusively! -> Touch with 3 fingers to get started <-

Stay always private. Just press the home button. All traces are wiped out immediately!
Protect your bookmarks from prying eyes! Everybody got something to hide ;)
Set bookmarks (with icons), default homepage and much more!

Many different kind of gestures to give you the control over your browser. To get started touch your screen with 3 fingers at once.This brings your bookmark and search and url screen up immediately...

Use every inch of your display and gain about 40% more visible space of your website.

To perform a 2 finger swipe you don't have to be fast or super kind... You only have to perform a swipe for about an half inch with 2 fingers. (see screenshot)
Important: Move your fingers this half inch parallel. Because otherwise it will be interpreted as "pinch zoom"! If you have any further question, go and visit my blog: feel free to post any inquiry there in the comments.


- PASSCODE protected bookmark section (with 4 digits, for easy input)
- discrete program icon!
- easy switch from safari with a bookmarklet (see my blog for details)
- fast scroll to top / bottom just tap like safari the top of the page (scroll to the top) or the bottom of the page (scroll to bottom) (see general settings)
- remember last orienation (e.g. for permanent widescreen use)
- able to flip the session history back gesture
- fullscreen and snappier -> fast
- no long time history, really private browsing with bookmarks
-> sorted by date and hit-count
- several gestures with visual feedback
-> 2 finger swipe left/right: session history back/forward (look @ general settings of "multitouch")
-> 2 finger swipe up: disable/enable accelerometer (for your convenience in bed ;) )
-> 2 finger swipe down: bring up a menu with several options (add/remove bookmark, send link via email, open in safari, set as homepage)
- session history -> use gestures to navigate back and forward
- displays favicons beside bookmark for to give you a stunning bookmark feeling
- real Google MOBILE Search. You see the results probably formatted for your iPhone.
- opens automatically your homepage (set via 2 finger swipe down gesture)
- email current page
- for your convenience: open in safari
- statusbar visible in bookmark view (for eg. time, batterie info, wireless status)
- no need for shaking your iPhone / iPod
- loading indicator in the lower right corner
- memory saving


Touch with 3 fingers anywhere at the screen to open the bookmark screen. There you may enter a url, start a google search. Or just tap on a site your favorite site. To add a bookmark use the 2 finger swipe down gesture and select "add to favs". If you like to remove a bookmark you may do so by using the swipe gesture again, or hit the edit button in the bookmark view. To protect a bookmark, just hit the edit button and set the secure swipe button to 1. It will now only be visible @ the pass-code protected area.


At the general setting section scroll down until you see "multitouch". There you might set:
- enable / disable the one tap scroll to top/bottom feature
- set the right / left swipe behaviour (default left swipe history back)
- set google language
- remember device orientation - so after a restart Private fgBrowser shows the last used orientation, and it remembers also the last autorotation lock, which will flash short after starting your private browser.

Your bookmarks are presented in 3 different ways:

Code: Set you own 4 digit pass-code, so every bookmark in this section stays really private! If you forgot you pass-code, you may reset it, but all protected private fgBrowser bookmarks get swiped off your device.
Hit - Count: sorted by hit count
Date: ordered by last access date