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Oedo Yokai

iPhone / iPad
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  • Entertainment
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"Oedo Yokai" is a book on the Japanese "Yokai" (Sprites and Spirits). It is a collection of "Yokai" stories associated with the areas near the subway stations of the Oedo Line in Tokyo, Japan. You can also summon Netsuke sculptures of each "Yokai" in the book and collect them at your leisure.

The "Yokai" stories in our application were selected under the supervision of, the ethnologist, Dr. Hiro Kubota. Artwork and design were directed by Atsushi Morioka. "Oedo Yokai" is one of Koozyt’s first attempts to cross IT (Location Information) and Folkloristics.

Quote from "Oedo Yokai – the Beasty, Playful Sprites and Spirits of Japan":

The Japanese "Yokai" are known to dwell and appear at specific locations. They can frequently be seen within the grounds of shrines and temples, believed to be the border between this world and the afterlife, or in more common places like on a hill or at a crossroads. If the "Yokai" symbolize the mystery, legend, and lore associated with places, as our interests fade from actual locations, the roles they play in modern day society will diminish, and the "Yokai" might then cease to appear at all.

So, summon the "Yokai" on your digital device and read about their stories in your spare time. Let the "Yokai" guide you to explore the reality of time and place with all of your five senses. We hope the stories of the "Yokai" will continue to be handed down from generation to generation in new and different ways.

Enjoy the beasty, yet playful sprites and spirits of Oedo (now Tokyo), Japan, the "Yokai" !

Emma (Hell's Gatekeeper) with a child's sash / Ogre at Kiou Shrine / Clay Spider / The Kappa of Kappa Hill / The Fake Jizo of Jizo Hill / The God of Poverty of Ohta Shrine / Takuzousu Fox / The Tofu Kid / The Holy Turtle of Shinobazu-no-ike (lake) / The God of Tanuki (Raccoon Dog) / Ushi-gozen / Oiteke Moat / The Spirit of ‘Atakemaru’ / Boat Ghost / Kappa - Mythical Water-Dwelling Creatures / The God of the Otters / Mermaids / Raiju (Thunder Beast) / Kamigarasu (God Crows) / Neko-mata / The Old Raccoon from the Raccoon Hole / Ogama (The Great Toad) / The Ghostly Tsubaki Tree / Akago (red baby) Temple / Yakan-zaka / The Headless Jizo / Azuki-arai (Washer of Azuki Beans) / Tornados / Princess Kozasa of Yodobashi / Elephant / Snakes / Kane-dama / Tengu / Lions / Giant Snake / The Soba-eating Jizo / The Great Black Snake / Izuna-Gongen

[How to Use]
- Turn pages: Tap the Finger Icon or flick on the screen
- ToC Icon: Jump to the Table of Contents
- Book Icon: Return to the Book Cover
- Bookmark Icon: Go to the Bookmark Page
- To use Bookmarks: Select and tap on the bookmark
Tap the bookmark on the cover page to jump to the bookmarked page

[How to summon (collect) the "Yokai"]
- Choose a bookmark that is relevant to the Yokai
- Start the application and tap the bookmark
- A Netsuke sculpture of the Yokai may be summoned
(See "How to sumon the Yokai" page in the application for details)