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You are in a pinch. You need to quickly come up with the collective noun for dolphins. Just pull out your iPhone, start up Collectives and quickly scroll to D. And there you have it, a *school* of dolphins.

Have you heard about a *murder* of crows? No, it is not that someone killed a bunch of crows. Murder is the collective noun for crows.

You probably knew that the collective noun for cattle (or cows) is *herd*. But did you know that it is the same noun for caribou and elephants? A herd of caribou, and a herd of elephants?

Coming soon in future versions
1. The ability to search for the nouns
2. Tap the noun load its related wikipedia page in safari
3. A quiz to test your knowledge

So if you want to improve your knowledge of collective nouns or just have fun and enhance your vocabulary at the same time, don't wait anymore. Download this NOW!!

This is an excellent tool for students and adults alike. There are over 180 nouns in this version. For less than a dollar this is well worth the money.

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